Monday, July 13, 2009

We're Baaack... :-)

Long time, no post...

So, so happy to be back.
Lots to tell but not right now.
Right now... I am back creating and it feels sooo good.

This used to be a hard back movie poster, 2 TOAST catalogues, a ruled excercise book and a tin of paint used to stick down cos I have no glue...

Things you can do with limited supplies. My mind boggles... I love saying that, boggling mind, hehe...


My canvas wall in the study we're building in the basement. It's all mine to play with and I'm havin a ball.

That's it for now, just wanted to share my super happiness for returning to my creative life.

Luv ya still xoxo


Monday, July 14, 2008

Over the weekend

So what did I get up to over the weekend?

Well Jason and I spent the whole day together on Saturday. That hasn't happened in a while. About 3 months I think. So anyway we checked out the new African Deli, then we went to Gnomes for coffee. We checked out a few Antique stores, did the groceries and cooked Indian together for tea. We both had a really lovely time together and have made a deal to do it more often. We bought these really scrummy African pastry, honey soaked things which I must find out the name of so I can make them.

And speaking of Indian, the new Indian restaurant has finally opened its doors. Yay!!!!!! We have been waiting soooooooooo long. So guess what we had for dinner last night? Yep Indian. We have decided that it is not as good as Bundaberg but is on par with what we've had in Sydney and Brisbane.

Played around with the Embellished 'You are my Sunshine' kit on the weekend. It's so awesome. I love absolutely everything in it. I'm about half way through and this is what I have come up with so far.
And another one which I can't share just yet. I have a couple more on my desk which I will hopefully finish... before too long.
So I hope you all had a great weekend too... Luv Kirsty and Dee

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

So this happened...

Which meant this happened...

Our family engagement dinner.
And this still to come...

Our engagement party. Hopefully Ali will take her camera along (hint, hint) and I'll have heaps of pics to share.

So what else. I have finally stopped working 7 seven days a week. Yay!!! It's now 6 days and 1 night but it does mean that I get a day off to scrap.

Dee has no mojo atm so I doubt you'll be hearing from her. No mojo for scrapping, no mojo for gym. Shes a little flat. And busy with basketball.

Embellished Idol 2008 has started. If you haven't entered be sure to keep an eye on all this fun. The challenges for each round are awesome.

I also did this...
A guest spot for Inspired by Amelie. Pop over and have a looksie. The most talented group of scrappers with the coolest concept for a challenge blog.
That's all that comes to mind so I'll leave you with that for now. Bye. Luv Kirsty & Dee

Thursday, May 29, 2008

A project

I'm making a project with this

And it has something to do with this

I'll be back later to fill you in on the details if you don't guess beforehand.
Catch ya - Kirsty & Dee

Friday, May 16, 2008

7...6...2...1...2 do you work 7 days, gym 6 times a week, wash @ least 2 times a week, spend time with 1 one man, scrap for 2 design teams and have a life????? You don't!!!!

I have worked 7 days, I have been to the gym 3 times, I have not washed and I am wearing the smallest pants in the world as a result (they do remind me not to eat at least), I have not spent anytime with J, I am 1 1/2 pages behind in my scrapbooking and I went out in my pj's incase I fell a sleep.

So life has been very busy for me. A little happiness though. All my hard work has earnt me this fabulously gorgeous new cupboard for my scraproom.

And Dee gets this one for her room.

Guess where we went today. To Embellished of course! They had a massive order come in and we picked up some cool new stuff to play with.

And we've pre-ordered some stuff for the next big order. Our budget wouldn't let us buy everything day. Oh well. We can wait.

Not much to show on the scrapping front. You can check out my gallery here.

We're off to Sydney next week to meet our very first niece. Sweet baby Sienna. Here's a pic.

I'll try and check in before we leave though.

Luv Kirsty and Dee xoxo

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

checkin in before i take to the sky.....

doors... i love them!!!

1. orange door, 2. green door, 3. shadow on purple door, 4. Decisions, 5. locked behind the red door, 6. Mexican Doors, 7. Fairy Door, 8. artful odd door walls and floors, 9. Old Door, 10. Purple Doorway / Blue Door, 11. The Danger Door., 12. Colonial Door I. Usaquen. Bogota - Colombia., 13. Lucky Door No. 2, 14. A door and two shadows, 15. The doors (blue part. one) Dedicate to des Bleus à l'âme, 16. Small yellow door to where?, 17. Door, 18. green door, 19. the door, 20. Green door, 21. doors, 22. Rusty Hinge on Blue Door, 23. Blue Door 2, 24. Door Detail 1, 25. the green door, 26. pumpkins_door, 27. Diner Door Jefferson Street - Oak Cliff, Texas, 28. Door 5, 29. Blue Door, 30. Imperfect door, 31. Green door, what's that secret you're keepin' ?, 32. blue door, 33. A closed door, 34. * The Blue Door, 35. door 212, 36. Shadows and The door

so i am off to BrisVegas early tomorrow morn
i HATE flying...
Jamie n i are going to his dads wedding on the weekend - yay!!!
i have to fly - boooo...
i get to shop - yay!!!
theres not enough room in my suitcase for buying EVERYTHING i want - booo...
holidays!!! YAY!!!
Kirsty is also going away for a bit. to the embellished retreat. yay!!!
jamie n i sold our old apartment last week. yay!!!
we now get to do some renovating. yay!!!
this is the indoor fountain in our new apartment. booo....
aka - the piss trough - hehe...
i will now get to rip it out. yay!!!

you know how i love the tender centre??
this is the bench that i won there recently...
i love it. yay...
my dad is gonna help me white wash it. yay...
then it will go in my scraproom and i will smear paint all over it. yay!!!

i was blog hopping the other day and came across the bestest idead at blog me baby. yay... its a reno journal - perfect timing for me. yay!!!

lots of work to do today.. booo... but its just cos im on holidays tomorrow...YAY!!!

Hope there's something exciting happening for you today that makes you happy..

See ya next week, as long as im not a victim of one of those flying moments that you see on the news. eeekkk...

lotsa love dee n kirsty

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Working for the furniture

Well what's happened to my Saturday's you ask? Or at least you would if you knew I haven't been around on Saturdays for a while. Well I've been working in a friends antique store/coffee shop in exchange for new/old furniture to beautify our house. So this is what all my hard work is getting us first. Isn't she beautiful?
Speaking of beautiful here is a pic of a flower in our garden atm.
Over Easter J & I spent a whole weekend in the garden tidying up a bit. It's such a huge job so we decided to focus on one area at a time.

We had an accident involving a dog, a broken trolley and a cupboard.

We're not bad owners I promise. All the old ladies at the vet were gushing over how cute Saabie is. She was certainly pleased with all the attention.

And lastly a couple of layouts for Embellished. I haven't been creating much lately but here they are.

Luv Kirsty & Dee xoxo

Thursday, April 3, 2008

my new obsession...


1. One Letter / M, 2. Letter e, 3. S, 4. SSSSSSSSSSSSSS, 5. One Letter / Y
H, 2. letter a looking for good home, 3. Letter P, 4. One Letter / P, 5. The Letter Y
One Letter / F, 2. Bead Letter U, 3. One Letter / N

like i promised
my fav thing that i got in brissie. isnt it cute!!!

green cableknit, 3/4 sleeve, hooded cardie... luuuuvv and supers cute top that kirsty and i both bought a little bit too tight but couldn't leave behind

a dress for j's dads wedding in couple of weeks. pink shoes, who knew i needed 2 pairs.

thats all the shopping to show, for now!! hehe, i was (we were) very very bad.


it has been a slow and steady mission, to purge and spring clean as we unpack in our new place. today i tackled the 2nd bedroom. DONE.

in the process i found these. my version of 27 dresses. hehe

on the left we have, not a wedding dress (we're not married), it's a bridesmaid dress from about 8 years ago. i was around 20 kilos heavier at the time, so this was like a sack. it is now going to vinnies (minus several metres of pink tulle from underneath that could come in handy for SOMETHING i'm sure)

on the right, my graduation dress!!! how amazing it was to me, that i pulled it on and it was too BIG. i couldnt believe that i am smaller now than i was in 1992 (yes i graduated 16 years ago). i didnt pile on my weight until way after school and was quite smallish throughout it. so anyway, was so happy with myself that i wore it all morning while i cleaned. hehe


we scrapped @ the
shoppe. i had the best night. heaps of laughs and a bit of work done. yay

here's a little pile of background goodness that i have ready to play with.

you'll notice that it's all on the floor... not for long though. my dad is coming round to help me finish off a bench that i won at the TENDER CENTRE recently. i plan for it to be my painting/sewing table. will have before and afters soon.

better be off now. time for my
fav show. talk again soon.

luv dee n kirsty

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

here i am...

im back. i missed you. i have been so so so busy. so news since i last posted......

I moved house
I went on a photo shoot with Ali (fun fun fun)

I sold a house (nearly)
I went to brissie for fam stuff
I went to brissie with Kirsty to see Kaylee
We shopped for 6 days straight (will post pics of best buys later, omg)
I ate ate ate

I walked walked walked
I shopped shopped shopped
I did some pages for Embellished as a guest designer
I am getting ready to be on the Embellished DT from May
have i ever mentioned that i love the tender centre?? pics to show from there also
I am going to brissie again soon for J's dads wedding!!! love catching his fam
My trainer (who i am very very attached to) is selling his gym
I am sad about that, devastated actually...
I need to stop eating like im on hols (especially before Ben, my trainer, leaves me)
Kirsty is now working in the office with me, very cool, very organised. as if we didnt spend enough time together...
and that's just what i can remember right now

thats me for now. except look see what i learnt to do from Em Flaconbridges blog... i plan to have a lot of fun with this.

1. scribble scribble, 2. shoe, 3. Shoe Loves You?, 4. Llamar antes de entrar, 5. Yellow / Decay de Cai (II), 6. Tren Fantasma, 7. One-Eyed Dodge redux, 8. Hotline, 9. Apartment "Bedroom" Seoul, 10. Broken window, 11. Casa Dracula, 12. every song i sing, i'll sing for you, 13. pandora, 14. wordsworth's ridge, 15. walk this way, 16. blinds, 17. Solidarize!, 18. Husk, 19. Paradise Lost, 20. Nouvelle ambiance

See ya, Dee n Kirsty

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Cookie dough cheesecake anyone??????

So it's your birthday. What do you want? Cookie dough cheesecake with chantilly cream and raspberries? Hell yeah!!!!!!! Here are a couple of pics of the gooey, sticky fabulousness of the cookie dough cheesecake that I made Dee for her birthday last week. Are you drooling?

An update on the Junk Journal challenges running @ Embellished.
JJ #7 - Use something found in your laundry. I don't have a sample for this I was being slack.
JJ #8 - Think Green. And I do have a sample for this one.

Here are my samples for the March kit over at Embellished. They are doing a pre-order system now so you be certain you will not miss out on the amaziness of their kits. I know I can't wait to get my hands on one each month.

A random layout to share.

That's about all I have to share with you all today. Oh - only 7 more working days and Dee and I are on holidays. We are going to Brissie to visit the lovely Kaylee and Ali and Ang will also be there so we are all going to hang out. Can't wait. We're a bit excited!!!!
Catch ya, luv Kirsty and Dee xoxo