Thursday, April 3, 2008

my new obsession...


1. One Letter / M, 2. Letter e, 3. S, 4. SSSSSSSSSSSSSS, 5. One Letter / Y
H, 2. letter a looking for good home, 3. Letter P, 4. One Letter / P, 5. The Letter Y
One Letter / F, 2. Bead Letter U, 3. One Letter / N

like i promised
my fav thing that i got in brissie. isnt it cute!!!

green cableknit, 3/4 sleeve, hooded cardie... luuuuvv and supers cute top that kirsty and i both bought a little bit too tight but couldn't leave behind

a dress for j's dads wedding in couple of weeks. pink shoes, who knew i needed 2 pairs.

thats all the shopping to show, for now!! hehe, i was (we were) very very bad.


it has been a slow and steady mission, to purge and spring clean as we unpack in our new place. today i tackled the 2nd bedroom. DONE.

in the process i found these. my version of 27 dresses. hehe

on the left we have, not a wedding dress (we're not married), it's a bridesmaid dress from about 8 years ago. i was around 20 kilos heavier at the time, so this was like a sack. it is now going to vinnies (minus several metres of pink tulle from underneath that could come in handy for SOMETHING i'm sure)

on the right, my graduation dress!!! how amazing it was to me, that i pulled it on and it was too BIG. i couldnt believe that i am smaller now than i was in 1992 (yes i graduated 16 years ago). i didnt pile on my weight until way after school and was quite smallish throughout it. so anyway, was so happy with myself that i wore it all morning while i cleaned. hehe


we scrapped @ the
shoppe. i had the best night. heaps of laughs and a bit of work done. yay

here's a little pile of background goodness that i have ready to play with.

you'll notice that it's all on the floor... not for long though. my dad is coming round to help me finish off a bench that i won at the TENDER CENTRE recently. i plan for it to be my painting/sewing table. will have before and afters soon.

better be off now. time for my
fav show. talk again soon.

luv dee n kirsty

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