Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Working for the furniture

Well what's happened to my Saturday's you ask? Or at least you would if you knew I haven't been around on Saturdays for a while. Well I've been working in a friends antique store/coffee shop in exchange for new/old furniture to beautify our house. So this is what all my hard work is getting us first. Isn't she beautiful?
Speaking of beautiful here is a pic of a flower in our garden atm.
Over Easter J & I spent a whole weekend in the garden tidying up a bit. It's such a huge job so we decided to focus on one area at a time.

We had an accident involving a dog, a broken trolley and a cupboard.

We're not bad owners I promise. All the old ladies at the vet were gushing over how cute Saabie is. She was certainly pleased with all the attention.

And lastly a couple of layouts for Embellished. I haven't been creating much lately but here they are.

Luv Kirsty & Dee xoxo


Teina said...

well if I could work for something like this! I would too, she is a stunner I love your hutch I have one as but I made mine with my dad years ago, will post a photo on my blog, and your layouts just make me smile Hugs

Ali said...

OHHH Kirsty!!
I LOVE that kitchen dresser!! and you were right, yep i love it!
Sorry girls about dinner last night, was not well at all!!
Chat soon
Ali x