Friday, October 26, 2007

family, friends and making stuff...

this week ive been on holidays. mostly because jamies sister was coming to visit and then a few more days to just veg. so heres what i got up to....
baking of raspberry, coconut muffins

and banana, pecan muffins with sour creme glaze

playing with sculpey for the first time ever (how fun is that)

making messy pages

and then there was the races. heres kath, myself and beck (jamies sister)

beck made friends with security

we had the best day and have declared that you should be able to wear a fascinator EVERY day cos they're sooo pretty.

im off to my dinner party with my wonderful baked goods (and yes kirsty i have saved you some and have some in the freezer for the next crop girls)
bye for now. more to share once i finish the page im working on.
dee n kirsty xoxox

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Some sharing

Well I am back from my training trip in Wollongong and I am exhausted. There was so much info jammed into one week that I am mentally fatigued. I just can't seem to function at all. I have always been an early to bed type person, but 7pm? What the? I think after this weekend I will be all back to normal. So enough whingeing from me - and onto something that hopefully will not put you all to sleep. Some sharing of some scrapping that I did before I went away.
Sample for 12 weeks of xmas over @ Embellished

A layout using one of Ali Russell's amazing sketches

Sample for Sares' FNL Technique Challenge also @ Embellished

You can see the rest of the pages here.

And lastly Last Scrapper Standing Round#2

Well that took it out of me. Time for a little nap under my desk! Catch you all later on. Luv Kirsty & Dee xxoo.

PS. In the middle of all my exhaustion I did manage to buy 3 pairs of shoes. You have to have your priorities right!

Sunday, October 14, 2007


why is this happening to me???

i have been trying to work out why the little widgetty thing isnt working for an hour now

i give up

it dissapears when theres text in the post

i give up


exciting mhf news!!!

kirsty forgot to share exciting last scrapper standing newslast week.
she got through to round 2 and we'll keep you posted on her progress. yay.....
go check out the other layouts there. very cool
as for me, today, i made the catwalk!!!
kirsty has made it a couple of times and i have been very very jealous.
now i am happy....
another yay for me, i finished this

i have been a bad friend as it took me 6 months to get this off my things to do list
now that it's off my plate i feel a huge weight lifted and am now off to do messy happy fun stuff, just for me. here i come paints and pastels...
goodbye blogland. dee n kirsty

Saturday, October 13, 2007

so funny, so inspiring

dust mites, thats hilarious. and who's dog would lay there like that?
this chick cracks me up
ive been going to visit and always have a giggle and leave with a smile on my face

yay for art

whata week!!!

firstly, a very rare treat for us. a photo together at kathryns 21st last saturday night.

it was a fantastic time and our last weekend on the town with kaylee

before she took of for the big smoke

more photos to come, you know the usual photo swappy thing....

next piece of very very exciting news... look way i got in the mail yesterday.

i got this and these girls earlier book, visual chronicles. plus the dares book.

i have 2 say, i have been really looking forward to this delivery, but had no idea how much i would love them. linda and karen = holy shit i cant even think. i am beside myself and cant put stop looking.

so today, i will rise up create (if i can put the book down long enough) i'll keep you posted.

and this little number below is a purchase i made today, after which i decided, yes, i am going to the caulfield cup races.

i must accessorise this week, as i obviously have absolutely nothing to go with it.

other news from me:

- jamies sister is visiting next weekend, cant wait to see her and hang out (in our pretty new dresses)

- kirsty is going away for work training next week, ALL week, i'll miss her

- i borrowed my visual chronicles book to her for reading in her lonely motel room

- it could drive her crazy cos she wont have any supplies with her

- kaylee is gone

- jamie and i trained at the gym together this week, normally he wont go with me cos i have girl germs

- new show i love - shark - james woods is beyond cool

am i mental??? i nearly forgot to share my escapades from last night
see daniel johns rockin out
in rockhampton
and powderfinger
were a feast for the ears AND eyes

there is inspiration and mojo flying around my world everywhere right now
must make stuff
bye for now - dee n kirsty

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Everyday Garbage

Well here is my take on Challenge #2 over at Everyday Garbage:

I have used a safety pin, a piece of my shower curtain (top left formimg flower), dental floss to stitch around the number 5, coloured hairspray to create bg, hair bands, a strip of libra box and a compression badage net thing!

Monday, October 8, 2007

ssshhhhhhhh!!!! don't tell......

firstly, jamie bought these home for me last week!

they were my first krispy kreme's ever!!! and now they are gone!!!

last week was berry, berry busy for me at work. on monday there was no lunch break and there was overtime (late night) then i came home to KRISPY KREMES.

don't tell anyone, but i ate them for dinner (yes, that was all i ate that day), i ate them for breakfast (i wanted them gone), i ate a birthday cupcake for morning t, then ate dohnuts for lunch, oh yeah and dinner..... eeeekkk... and i wondered why were people asking "why so much more happy than usual" (like a stupid grin and giggling for 24 hours straight), maybe the sugar high. not normal for me, but very enjoyable at the time.

and i have things not to tell you too..... i hate keeping secrets, i don't think i'm very good at it, but let that keep you from telling me things ok, but i have 2 berry berry big secrets and can't wait til we can share them with you.

haven't been creating lately. think i overloaded.. but i'll be back


World Card Making Day

Some xmas cards that I made on the weekend to celebrate World Cardmaking Day! It's not that far away. Eeeekkkkkk!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Happy Anniversary baby...

Hi all,

It's our anniversary today so Happy Anniversary Baby!!! Four happier than happy years together XXOO!

I was too lazy to carry my camera around so you have some crappy phone pics coming up! Last Friday was Cupcake Friday but we postponed it until today because a was not feeling well Thursday. It is Kaylee's last Cupcake Friday so she got to choose the flavour. Her favourite food is chocolate so I went with Hot Chocolate Cupcakes -

See the hot choc effect happening - choc on the bottom, frothy white on top & marshmallows to finish! Absolutely divine!

Kath's glitz & glamour cocktail party this weekend. I tried to buy shoes on Saturday to match a dress that I have already but of course couldn't find any. Stupid little feet. So, in desperation I HAD to buy a new dress to go with shoes that I already have. It is so cute. It;s from Fusion.

I (heart) fusion! Here is a sneak peak -

I'm sure that there will be heaps of pics from the party next week and you'll see the whole thing.

Challenge #2 has been announced on Everyday Garbage you should check it out. Dee & I are going to have a go at this one now that we have found them!

That's about it today. Have a messy happy Tuesday and catch you all later - luv Kirsty & Dee.