Sunday, December 30, 2007


my year is already off to a good start

before and afters.....

i can see the floor!!!

i can see my desk!!!

i can find stuff!!! cos its organised!!!
i can go in and make stuff with the xmas pressie that kirsty n i got
from ali n ang at embellished

those 2 know us 2 messyhappyfun chicks so well. theres ribbon, fabric, sparkles, beads, thread (all bright and beautiful) and pretty smelling stuff for our rooms. how lucky are we??

oh, and keep an eye out at embellished on new years day. huge, exciting stuff happening!!!

other stuff thats exciting me- this girl rocks and is starting this next year. i luv luv this girl who's also doin some exciting stuff next year. then there's this, that i showed you already (but in case your missed it, im excited). and then there'll be something new with this girl, who is a massive fav of ours

i just dont know what to do with myself!! hehe. too many fun things, not enough time.

will you be playing along with any of these??

plans for nye are not final yet, but hopefully will have some pics of some fun being had for you all. in half an hour friends from townsville are coming to stay with us for ny (so i better go)

oh, and back to work tomorrow. blurrcch....

bye, happy happy new year. lub dee n kirsty xoxox

Thursday, December 27, 2007

a feast for eyes and ears

i went to see this

i love kids movies. this one is funny, sad and sooo beautiful

i want to see this

it looks sooo beautiful. for the eyes and ears.

does anyone know when it starts here in australia?

i cant find a release date (actually imdb says it came out ages ago, but no)

i am on holidays for the rest of this week. plan to watch more movies and clean up my scrap room and go to the gym A LOT. will post before and after shots of my room as proof, so now i MUST do it.

love dee n kirsty xoxox

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

recipe for xmas joy

put on new dress (previously halter neck, see the diff?)

brekky =
  • buttery croissants
  • champagne
  • chocolate
    (none of it counts)

family time =
  • jamie n i
  • my brother from sydney
  • our parentals, who now live in rocky

text messages from friends =
  • "merry christmas. - someone get me a stomach pump"
  • a friend in London, far from home
  • many many more
food, food, food=
  • turkey
  • salads (nick tells me i must come to sydney and BE his salad maker. pumpkin, feta n basil pesto and a caesar)
  • the GOOD cutlery and crockery (so pretty)

playing =
  • guitar hero
  • jamie's present from nick

leftovers =
  • all of the above

bedtime =
  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
wake up!!! its boxing day =
  • have best mango of the season for breakfast
    put sticker from mango in my "wreck this journal"
  • find this!!! (yay yay yay somewhere new to play)
  • exercise (do not wait for the gym to open tomorrow!! apparently it
    ALL does count. esp when it has lasted over 4 wks)
  • watch cricket (kirsty and jason only) (zzzzz)

tbc..... after more snoozing. luv dee n kirsty

Sunday, December 23, 2007

xmas joy joy joy and 2.5 kilos of butter....

yes, 2.5 kgs of butter. i feel like i have just pasted it to me hips, thighs and butt. so to share the joy of xmas and brown sugar shortbread, below is just a few of the little pressies that i made for my beautiful friends.

and a handmade decoration

other joy, my secret santa gift from Kath - the little dude here is a walking penguin pooper. you wind him up and he drops little lollies out his backside whilst going for a walk. so funny

and meet my new friend - hubert!!! he was handmade with love by kirsty (with a little help from her mum, thanks mum) . oh how i love him.

all us lucky lucky people at WIN Television got a huge surprise this chrissy. we received not 1 but 2 hampers. (wen normally we get zero). so exciting. this one was from our new boss in Rocky, geoff rocks.

and this one is from our biggest boss of them all, with ham and wine and

yummy christmas delights

and its still 2 days till xmas but all us girls have definately spoilt each other already. find below amazing treats from ***IKEA*** Kaylee loves us... and we love her. aaawwww

and last, by no means least, my cutie wutie little cake. its from Kath. she is the thoughfullest friend, cos she made everyone fruitcake but gave me a chocolate one especially for me cos i HATE sultanas. Kath is the bestest...

thats all the piccies i have but there will be more soon hopefully. would you believe that Kirst and i both didnt take any photos of either of our xmas parties (just this friday and saturday, very very tiring) but other took heaps so will post later. they were heaps of fun.
so thats it for now i think.
merry xmas to everyone that comes to visit us.
i hope santa is good to you and that your xmas is wonderful.
love love love dee n kirsty

Sunday, December 9, 2007

some stuff we've been up to...

like most people this time of year we've been pretty busy. lots of chrissy parties, secret santas and over indulging. in the middle of all this, jamie and i are still trying to sell our apartment, but have just worked out that we dont have to move into our other place this coming week, as we've put it off till the end of january. yay, i was really stressed just by the thought.

1 of my parties was at the bowling alley. i am completely terrible at bowling but had huge fun...

with my friends who all used to work with me at video ezy many many years ago now. luv catching up with them all still.

another party was ally's housewarming (in the middle). she moved into our building and works with us at WIN. also huge fun...

the next day however, not so fun. yes hungover, but also thought i had LOST my engagement ring for about 12 hours. no sleep, just looking through rubbish and down drains etc. i feel physically sick just thinking about it. jamie picked my ring all by himself and i just love love love it, so yes insurance would cov er the cost but it would never be the same. anyway, i found it in the pocket of some pants and i was getting dressed to walk down the street looking for it on the side of the road. it has been a bit too big since i got it, so this has been a wake up call to go get it re-sized, yes
bought my xmas dress this week. pretty pretty pretty. funny story though. kath, kirst and i, all bought the same dress. kath is cutting off the bottom frill, kirsty is cutting it off short and sewing the straps over instead of leaving the halter top and i am cutting the top off entirely to make a strapless maxi. so 3 same but different dresses for christmas.

last night kirsty and jason came over for dinner. they bought over butter chicken and naan. i made a thai beef salad entree and choc caramel ravioli for dessert. yum yum. the boys played guitar hero and us girls made these little pretties

i havent done any scrappin in ages and ages. my room is like a bomb hit it. i am still suffering from the "my house is way too small for all my supplies and clothes" thing. so i have come up with a solution. i am going to play with this for a while.

this book has the craziest stuff in it and i'm gonna play and post as much as i can until i move into my new home (aka new scrap room)

talk to ya all again soon.

luv dee n kirsty xoxox