Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Some layouts to share

Some projects to share.
Friday Night Live samples for Embellished.

Elsie Challenge samples also for Embellished.

Cute little animals make us happy!

So what's been happening the last week I hear you say? Not much.

Work has settled down for the moment.
Dee and I have $10 bets going over the weekends that we won't eat any junk outside of xmas parties. Last weekend was the first and we were both well behaved so we each got $10 to spend at Embellished this weekend. Here we come girls! We have also made a pact not to bake morning tea until next year. Which is sad because I love to bake. Baking makes me happy, but eating it makes me fat which makes me sad. A vicious cycle of happy, sad, happy, sad.
For the first time in a long while I did not do a scrap of scrapping on the weekend. It was unreal. I just hung out like a normal person. I flopped on the couch, went to the markets, walked thru a few nurseries, spent some quality time with my boy, visited my parents. I had the best weekend! And on top of all that I got all my xmas presents made! I can't share them just yet because then 'you know who' will know what she is getting. There is also something coming your way Ali, Ang and Kaylee!

The endless season of xmas parties, xmas drinks and secret santas has started already. A xmas party and a dinner date with friends last week kicked it all off. I love catching up with everyone before they all head off to their families and holidays but it is exhausting. I may have to bring my bedtime forward half an hour or so to stock up on sleep now.

Last night we took the first load od xmas to my parents to go under the tree. Yes that's right - my mum has her xmas tree up already! Jason has the biggest present again, and dad is more excited about it then anyone.

I have some lovely new recipes to try out. We are having our annual xmas morning tea at work in a few weeks and I am making savoury biscuits. They sound absolutely divine! Can't wait to see how they turn out. I going to make walnut and date biscotti and romano oat crumbles. Does it get any better? Dee is the quenn of shortbread and she is making her melt-in-your-mouth brown sugar shortbread. My tastebuds are doing a happy dance already! Don't worry, we'll share some piccies when the time comes.
Kaylee is home for xmas and we are busting to catch up.

Anyway must get my self into gear and do some work. I'll with a pic of some cute little scuplty animals and shapes that I made the other night. Catch you all later. Luv Kirsty & Dee xoxo

Sunday, November 11, 2007

fun pressie making and giving...

earlier this year, kirsty, kaylee and i, decided to make a gift

for a friends 21st bday / going away party
what we came up with was a bag full of funked up playing cards. colour scheme and theme on the front. message / journalling space on the back
sophie was going to live in canada for a while, so our theme/colour combo, was easy

something for her to look at and remind her of home
i totally love this idea and it worked soooo well. on the night, sophie looooved them, friends and family wrote messages on them, and now sophie has a baggie full of love

heres the cards i made
kirsty made a cute felt bag for them and both other girls did cards as well

so these were so fun and easy to make and such a big hit that we made some for kaths 21st

the baggie was my job this time, just looking at it made me happy

and for kaylees going away

we love you all girls. mwah mwah
and does this make you want to invite us to your party?
talk again soon, luv dee n kirsty xoxox

Monday, November 5, 2007

Been Busy

Hi All,
It's been awhile I hope you haven't forgotten about me. Dee is just the bestest! Keeping our blog updated, reassuring me when I'm flat, encouraging me to keep going and driving me all over town! Thankyou! Mwah, mwah.
Remember how Dee said that I've been REALLY busy? Well I have been insanely busy and I'm about to show you the results. You may need to set aside about 15 minutes and pack yourself a cut lunch to get through this post! You've been warned, so if you choose to scroll I will not be held responsible for the amount of time wasting going on there!
LSS #3 entry - I didn't make it into Rd4 but I am absolutely stoked to have made it through to Round3.

Friday Night Live Sample @ Embellished

Yep. I know how lucky I am.

Sample layouts for the November Kit @ Embellished

My very first 6x12

Feeling a little unblessed. Doesn't help that a certain someome keeps making fun of me. Joking! It doesn't bother me.

Photo swap with Jo. That's right Jo still owes me a layout. Poor thing got me twice. She has been buying me off with turqouise letter stickers though. I'm cheap - I accept bribes!

A little notebook to remind me of the most important thing.

And lastly another Friday Night Live sample for Embellished.

Well I don't know about you, but I'm sick of the sight of myself after that. Have a happy day!Luv Kirsty & Dee xxoo

Thursday, November 1, 2007

hooray for linkage and art books...

our fav girls at embellished have just started up a new challenge blog . i will be playing along as much as i can and kirsty will be challenging us some weeks, so get along and have a looksee

i know that i have mentioned these super cool books that we got lately but i really need to sprout off some more because i cant tell you enough how amazing and inspiring they are

now we have these on their way (so excited for art books!!!)

then theres the WISH list (cant have enough art books)

hey, what about you guys. do you have any fav art books that you think we might like? let us know if theres something we're missing.
kirsty has been super busy scrappin lately. if you cant wait for her to post here shortly, you should be able to spot a HEAP of new stuff at embellished

we are off to a crop at embellished this saturday. cant wait. there'll be scrappin and our fav gurls and our fav food (as previously posted). if you're close by you should come along. we are going to meet a couple of website regulars for the first time, so we're really looking forward to that too.

ooohhhh. one more link. our friend Ang has been inspired by some earlier linkage here to suziblu (have you checked her out yet? she's ridiculous inspiring). anyway, Ang just started her own blog, so go check out her latest work, it's super cool.

check ya later, dee n kirsty xoxox