Thursday, May 29, 2008

A project

I'm making a project with this

And it has something to do with this

I'll be back later to fill you in on the details if you don't guess beforehand.
Catch ya - Kirsty & Dee

Friday, May 16, 2008

7...6...2...1...2 do you work 7 days, gym 6 times a week, wash @ least 2 times a week, spend time with 1 one man, scrap for 2 design teams and have a life????? You don't!!!!

I have worked 7 days, I have been to the gym 3 times, I have not washed and I am wearing the smallest pants in the world as a result (they do remind me not to eat at least), I have not spent anytime with J, I am 1 1/2 pages behind in my scrapbooking and I went out in my pj's incase I fell a sleep.

So life has been very busy for me. A little happiness though. All my hard work has earnt me this fabulously gorgeous new cupboard for my scraproom.

And Dee gets this one for her room.

Guess where we went today. To Embellished of course! They had a massive order come in and we picked up some cool new stuff to play with.

And we've pre-ordered some stuff for the next big order. Our budget wouldn't let us buy everything day. Oh well. We can wait.

Not much to show on the scrapping front. You can check out my gallery here.

We're off to Sydney next week to meet our very first niece. Sweet baby Sienna. Here's a pic.

I'll try and check in before we leave though.

Luv Kirsty and Dee xoxo