Tuesday, April 1, 2008

here i am...

im back. i missed you. i have been so so so busy. so news since i last posted......

I moved house
I went on a photo shoot with Ali (fun fun fun)

I sold a house (nearly)
I went to brissie for fam stuff
I went to brissie with Kirsty to see Kaylee
We shopped for 6 days straight (will post pics of best buys later, omg)
I ate ate ate

I walked walked walked
I shopped shopped shopped
I did some pages for Embellished as a guest designer
I am getting ready to be on the Embellished DT from May
have i ever mentioned that i love the tender centre?? pics to show from there also
I am going to brissie again soon for J's dads wedding!!! love catching his fam
My trainer (who i am very very attached to) is selling his gym
I am sad about that, devastated actually...
I need to stop eating like im on hols (especially before Ben, my trainer, leaves me)
Kirsty is now working in the office with me, very cool, very organised. as if we didnt spend enough time together...
and that's just what i can remember right now

thats me for now. except look see what i learnt to do from Em Flaconbridges blog... i plan to have a lot of fun with this.

1. scribble scribble, 2. shoe, 3. Shoe Loves You?, 4. Llamar antes de entrar, 5. Yellow / Decay de Cai (II), 6. Tren Fantasma, 7. One-Eyed Dodge redux, 8. Hotline, 9. Apartment "Bedroom" Seoul, 10. Broken window, 11. Casa Dracula, 12. every song i sing, i'll sing for you, 13. pandora, 14. wordsworth's ridge, 15. walk this way, 16. blinds, 17. Solidarize!, 18. Husk, 19. Paradise Lost, 20. Nouvelle ambiance

See ya, Dee n Kirsty

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Renae said...

Hey Girls,

My name is Renae Finlayson, a 23 year old from Northern NSW Australia. Alot of you wont know me but I am a dedicated scrapper of 6 years. Im writing to you with some very exciting news. I am starting up my own challenge blog. This blog is going to be nothing like we have ever seen in Australia before. This blog will focus on a new challenge each month with sponsored prizes (like every other blog) but we are going to draw our inspiration from music. Yes music, the thing we all love to listen to either on our way home from work in the car, when we are working at home, or even when we are scrapping. To make this a bit more area specific we are going to get all patriotic by using only australian music artists, australian sponsors and even an all australian design team.

Now thats where you girls come in. I have been scouring over hundreds of blogs over the past two weeks and I have chosen girls that I think are the most talentend and also those whoe have a different style to the members already on the design team. I am looking for about 4 more design team members for this blog, so the first 4 people to respond will recieve the spots.

There arent really any benefits in being a part of the Aussie Scrap Music design team, except for the fact of exposing other scrappers to your fabulous work and also the fun of creating a new page each month with inspiration from different aussie music film clips.

So what is expected of you?

All I ask if you want to be on this team is to
-join the Aussie Scrap Music (ASM) design team group at yahoo,
-create a page each month for the blog based on a music film clip and its lyrics
-publise the blog as much as you can - blogs, forum signatures, whatever

-help out on the blog by picking your favourite layout from the participants (so that we can vote on a winner)

-finally, you must produce a small blurb about each layout.

If you are at all interested please email me at this address aussiescrapmusic@yahoo.com

thanks girls,
I think you are all talented and I would love to see each and everyone one of you on my design team.

If you dont want to be on the team thats fine, no pressure. But I just thought I would try my luck and see how I went with some of the big names.

you are both very talented girls and I would really love to see both of you on my DT.

Cant wait to hear from you,
Renae Finlayson,