Wednesday, July 9, 2008

So this happened...

Which meant this happened...

Our family engagement dinner.
And this still to come...

Our engagement party. Hopefully Ali will take her camera along (hint, hint) and I'll have heaps of pics to share.

So what else. I have finally stopped working 7 seven days a week. Yay!!! It's now 6 days and 1 night but it does mean that I get a day off to scrap.

Dee has no mojo atm so I doubt you'll be hearing from her. No mojo for scrapping, no mojo for gym. Shes a little flat. And busy with basketball.

Embellished Idol 2008 has started. If you haven't entered be sure to keep an eye on all this fun. The challenges for each round are awesome.

I also did this...
A guest spot for Inspired by Amelie. Pop over and have a looksie. The most talented group of scrappers with the coolest concept for a challenge blog.
That's all that comes to mind so I'll leave you with that for now. Bye. Luv Kirsty & Dee


Maz said...

Congrats Kirsty :) SOOO happy for you chicky! What a gorgeous ring! The invites are very cute too!

AND, i LOVE LOVE that page you did for the Amelie challenge. AWESOME!

Maz xx

Ali said...

Oh Chooky, of course i will have my camera is comes with me before my

I am honoured to be taking shots of you guys the following day...Cannot wait!!!

LOVE LOVE this Layout!!!It is now my fav of yours!!!
DEE~~~ SCRAP woman!!! I am looking forward to seeing what you have been creating!! Sorry I was a little flat today girls!!Will have to get together to scrap soon
Ali x x

Shabby Chic Crafts said...

Congrats!! Beautiful ring!!

Anonymous said...

congrats.... kirst... it has finally happened... love that ring... cant wait to see it in the flesh.... and i cant wait for the party.... i will be there.... cant wait... luv Kayles

MarniT said...

congrats Kirsty! this is such wonderful news!

p.s. sorry I'm so late off the mark :)